Homeowner Association Services by Criterium-Raby Engineers

For the life of your association ™

Financially and physically sound homeowner associations share the same strong foundation: an initial, easy-to-understand transition study and a reserve study with regular updates. Homeowner and community associations look for qualified, dedicated professionals to provide these services to their communities. Homeowner associations throughout the Greater Atlanta metro area have counted on Criterium-Raby Engineers for proactive insight into building performance to minimize maintenance and management costs.

Criterium-Raby Engineers do more than evaluate. We communicate. Our licensed, Professional Engineers identify issues, explain their potential impact, and recommend a clear course of action.

Reserve and transition studies are just the start of the long-term relationship Criterium-Raby Engineers can develop with community associations.

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Reserve Study

A Criterium-Raby Engineers reserve study is a clear road map you can read, understand, and rely on. Every Criterium-Raby Engineers homeowner association reserve study is rigorously conducted and reviewed by a licensed, Professional Engineer, and we put years of intensive training and practical experience behind each observation, valuation and recommendation.


Transition Study

The successful handoff to a homeowner association from a developer starts with a thorough transition study you can trust. Criterium-Raby Engineers specializes in providing the information needed for successful transactions from the developer or builder to the owners.